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We help our clients with the "why" of the organization. 

Case Example

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How do you introduce 
new values into your 
government institution?

While a UAE government introduced new values to their employees, they were unsure, how to implement the new culture and rolling out new HR procedures. 

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Develop and strengthen the 
new culture with employees in a training journey

The institution nominated 20 participants to join the culture squad. After a gap analysis based on participants’ self assessments, interviews with the management and review of the strategy and KPI’s, we developed a 6 month Culture Change Program consisting of  4 different key aspects. 

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Employees identified 
themselves with 
the new values


Participants of the Culture Program incorporated the new  processes easily as they were the one who created them as part of the journey.  They were a role model for other colleagues and pioneered when adjusting to the new culture. 

Why Work With AS/P?

Measurable Impact

Our approach involves establishing quantifiable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for gauging project success, which are assessed at regular intervals to track progress and prompt any necessary corrective measures.

Extended Partnership

Our unwavering dedication to the clients we serve is demonstrated by our long-term perspective, which extends beyond mere document production. We provide comprehensive support throughout the entirety of the engagement, ensuring that our clients' needs and goals are met with the utmost attention and care.


We aim to provide sustainable development solutions to our clients by imparting new capabilities, fostering habitual behavior, and introducing progressive work models that will continue to persist long after the training journey has concluded.

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