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We design learning programs personalized based on the company’s needs and will accompany you from program design, set up, and conducting the workshops. 


Our area of specialization lies in collaborating with public sector entities and a diverse range of companies across the Middle East region.


We provide clients with a deeper understanding of industry trends, best practices, and emerging issues. We may introduce expert commentary, data visualizations, and case studies to help make informed decisions.



We are from the UAE and believe in the proactive support of and participation in the exciting change and growth happening around us. ​ In a world economy driven by knowledge and innovation, people are the most precious asset of organizations and governments, and a principal driver of change. We believe in the power of good mentorship and knowledge sharing, beyond classroom forums, and therefore focus on on-the-job training. We recognize the importance of making strategies stick through effective implementation. We view ourselves as partners to the organizations we serve and aim to work alongside our clients throughout the duration of their change journeys and beyond. Two former McKinsey colleagues founded AS/P in 2017. Our teams and coaches are from top-tier management consulting firms and have a proven track record in strategy, transformation, and implementation. ​

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